About me…

No, I have not photoshopped this image in any way

Comics artist, illustrator, raconteur, drinker, fighter, lover – all of these words describe the various endeavours at which I have failed, but like Judge Dredd crawling across the nuclear wastelands of 22nd century America on his belly screaming at the phantoms of those who unsuccessfully tried to stop him, I won’t be deterred by the angry ghosts of the people I’ve killed any more than I will by common sense or the need to eat and pay my rent. I’m an artist, dammit, and I’ll die an artist because God knows it’s clear I can’t live as one.

Is exactly what I should, under no circumstance, use as my bio if I ever get this portfolio site off the ground, but I’ll paste it into this page as a placeholder and then replace it with something later that really sells all the stuff I’ve done professionally, like the graphic novel, the posters, movie concept art, fan comics, and maybe even those webcomics precisely nobody read. Yeah, that’ll be a better bet than self-deprecating humor – professional people hate seeing that kind of thing, and I can’t really say I blame them. I mean, you’re looking through a guy’s portfolio of work to see if he has any experience with storyboarding and his comments are like “LOL I’m barely holding on since the divorce” I mean, geez, buddy, we’re all barely holding on here, the world is crazy right now what with the paradigm shift in social consciousness, and I really feel for your mental breakdown experiences but I don’t want to read that right now, I gotta make a big boy business decision about who to hire for this project and okay actually your stuff here is really good and the depression certainly isn’t a deal breaker because it just means you’re paying attention like the rest of us I should maybe just throw a guy a bone.

Yeah, that’s the kind of thing I want to put on here – “throw me a frikkin bone already” only not quite so aggressive. But basically that.

Oh my God you’re still reading this? That’s wild.

Here is also a link to Colin Smith’s blog, which I managed to hijack to waffle about myself like an egomaniac.

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